New Website

In 2013 we introduced what would become our website through to early 2018. That website was used for sharing information about the surgery, having a place to display news, and allowing patients to contact us. That website served us well, and has been a long standing member of Jubilee Healthcare.

This is our new website. We realised was that the web is changing, more focus is being put onto speed, websites that display well on all devices, and security.

With this upgrade to our website comes the following:

  • Speed: With more people starting to use mobile broadband connections, we knew we would have to start adding focus to the tuning of our website.

  • Security: The safety and security of all our information is a constant concern for us. We put a lot of trust in the information that goes up onto the Internet, and with this new website we have introduced full encryption (HTTPS) to protect all information shared between our users and our website.

  • Responsive and fluid design: This website is built on a platform that has a mobile-first design, meaning it looks great on all screen-sizes. No compromises have been made for the appearance.

  • Concise content: We took a long hard look at what was written on our old website, and decided there was a lot that could go. Hopefully you enjoy the more concise and clean copy.

..and for the nerds

  • Cloud Services: We made the switch to use Amazon Web Services to host our website. Utilising a series of Docker containers, this now allows our website to be made of immutable and upgradable infrastructure.