Patient Panel Meeting Minutes / January 2018

January 2018: Welcome by Donna Preece (Karin is in Edgbaston) to the 9 panel participants

Matters arising: we agreed that these were covered in the rest of the Agenda.

New Care Home Contract

This is cluster based (Jubilee with Kensington Road, Forrest, Limbrick Wood and Woodside) and starts on the 1st April.


The lease is due for renewal on 31st May 2019. Dr Hazarika is using the same prevaricating strategy as before; the CCG will contribute a maximum of £14,000; the uncertainties are the same. (Prospect of new homes being built, therefore greater demand; Jardine Crescent cannot house us; although Orbit is opening the Community Centre to the whole of the village, it cannot house a practice.)

There is a rumour among Tile Hill residents that the practice is considering closing the Tile Hill surgery. DP assured the panel that the doctors want to keep it open. We do need to know, however, what the process would be if the surgery had to close.

Christmas Raffle

Raffling a hamper is the best solution. The elderly gentleman who won it was thrilled. £154 went to the National Osteoporosis Society. (Theresa, who masterminded it, won the practice Employee of the Year.) We would like to start selling raffle tickets earlier, e.g. the first of December.

Staffing changes

Receptionist NB left after just 12 weeks (“not what she imagined”), so the post is being advertised. Asher Parkin is moving to Station Avenue from Westminster Road to gain experience in front desk work.

Winter Pressures Monies

For our practice size we will attract an extra £1,700 which will buy 20 locum hours.

Arterial Fibrillation (irregular hearbeat) Audit

Led by Dr Kumar, looking at whether patients are being appropriately identified and medicated, so checking to see what blood thinning medications they are on, or whether this is contraindicated.


  • There is a current program whereby some GPs are working in hospital settings and this IT program is to see whether allowing them to access surgery notes from the hospital would improve patient care. Karin Bruce is working on the project and leading for the practice and is looking for a couple of real patients who would act as guinea pigs and allow the hospital GP to access their notes and put an entry into notes to say this has been done. This is just to check that the software appropriately works.

  • Question from Panel Member: what measures frailty? DP: there is a frailty scale.

  • POD: had been overstretched with many complaints, but now has more staff and is more efficient. However, according to a PP member, some doctors are bypassing the system and ordering for 12 months at a time. Look into it?

  • Recycling tablet packaging: although it’s usually not possible, the new packaging is safer than the old system, so we have to compromise. Pharmacy 2U leaflet with NHS logo on the back, when it is clearly a private initiative. KB investigated this after the meeting, and found that it is a private company who obtain names and addresses from the electoral roll, and there is nothing the surgery can do to influence this.

  • Surgery Health Initiative Active 4 Health is reduced. For slimming there are now only regular weigh-ins.

  • One PP member recommended the SP Diet: very low carb, only protein and fruit and vegetables and regular exercise.

  • Do we have a Nurse Prescriber? Yes, Fiona.

  • How do you get a mammogram? You get a call directly from the service.

  • Pat Mulqueen-Wood has a new guide dog and is willing to do talks on
    training guide dogs.

Next meeting: 22nd March, 2 pm, same venue